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We have indoor dining, outdoor dining and take away at this location.

We recommend ordering food through our online ordering system.  We have 4 packs, individual cans and bottles available to go. Please be aware that we are working in a very small kitchen and it can get backed up during peak hours. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

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Spritzy: Sauv Blanc

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Hard Seltzer 5.7% ABV
Spritzy: Sauvignon Blanc is our hard seltzer base conditioned on sauvignon blanc grapes from Sonoma’s Rochioli Vineyards. Elegant aromas of melon, tropical white wine, and floral honey are followed by a light sweetness that transitions quickly into juicy undertones of peach and plum, all balanced by a depth of tannins. This isn’t a smoothie or a can of fruit purée. Quite the contrary – it is an unassuming refreshment for discerning epicures.

Syrah Shorty

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Wild Ale 5% ABV
After a beer sees fruit, the fruit usually still has a little love to give. The syrah grapes in Syrah Shorty have already seen a barrel aged sour, but we steeped them again in fresh beer to extract even more of their floral and plum aroma and tannic structure. The result is a tart crushable ale with hints of strawberry, raspberry and rosé wine.

Bubble Chamber

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Pilsner 5.5% ABV
We are so stoked to brew up batch 2 of Bubble Chamber, a dry-hopped German-style pilsner. This is the light beer craft drinkers want to crush. Pleasantly soft citrus and floral orange blossom aromas arise from German Hallertau Mittelfrüh and the dry hop of whole leaf German Hersbrucker hops sourced by @hopheadfarms. The flavor is fresh, clean and vibrant with hints of oolong tea, lilac pollen, honey dipped rye bread and dried lemon peel. Zesty carbonation and a smooth as silk finish from 3 weeks of cold conditioning continues to keep the beer crisp as it disappears from your glass. 


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Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
Do you love the tantalizing aroma of passion fruit and guava? Much of their aroma comes from aromatic molecules called “thiols.” Phantasm is a new product out of New Zealand that is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, a grape varietal that contains a high level of “thiol precursors.” During fermentation the expressive yeast in this brew can convert the precursors into those tropical thiols. Add to that aggressive hopping from Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic Cryo and you have a true cornucopia of fruit character


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Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
Dobis is our 100% Citra hopped pale ale that starts with lots of Scottish Golden Promise malt to create a graham cracker base. Then Citra brings forth lots of pineapple, mandarin, citrus, and mango. We love Citra, it is super juicy and flavorful. This is the first beer in a long line of brews that we make hopped only with it. Cheers to the OG Dobis!

Strata Galaxy

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IPA 6.8% ABV
Two of the hardest hitting hops bring the FIRE in this incredibly fruity IPA. Strata, a limey citrus and tangy weed like hop teams up perfectly with Galaxy, easily the most vibrant of hops, which seems soaked in pineapple/orange/guava juice. We kept this beer hazy and soft for the most juicy experience we can give you.

Mo’ Chinook

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IPA 6.8% ABV
Does Chinook make you nervous? It should! In a hop world of navel gazing tropical fruit and candy-like insouciance, Chinook aligns defiantly with marijuana piney dank counterculture. Mo’ stands for Mosaic, sorta Gen X in all of this — having one foot in the mercurial progressive camp and one in the grave along with Chinook and its sap soaked buddies. Needless to say when Chinook and Mosaic combine you find an IPA that you and your parents can finally agree on.

Terpene Station

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Double IPA 8.7% ABV
What are terpenes? They are aromatic compounds found in hops and the cousin to the hop, marijuana. This beer is so pungent we just had to give it a heady name. Electric aromas from Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra, Centennial and Nelson meet sticky, mouth-coating pine and hop oil flavors enhanced by West Coast clarity and bitterness. It’s what Jerry drinks.

Best Fiends

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Strong Porter 8.2% ABV
This is a big chewy Porter that focuses on quality malts. This luscious brew has the nose and flavor intensity of an imperial stout but comes in at a reasonable ABV. Best Fiends contains no adjuncts yet is packed with aromas of freshly baked chocolate croissant, graham cracker, cigar tobacco, high percentage cacao, and malted milk ball.

Vital Signs

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Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 14.8% ABV
A blend of BA Double Barrel Barleywine and Stout as well BA Black Barleywines. Despite the heavy barleywine influence, the threads of stout take to the forefront of Vital Signs. Aromas of dark cacao, espresso and torched sugar are laced with rich vanilla, toffee, marshmallow and a goji berry sweetness. The wheated bourbon is warming, inviting and balancing.  

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