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Beer Wine Hybrid 8.7% ABV
With “Syrah” we attempt to please as well as deceive. This is a brewer’s attempt to produce a beer that can be enjoyed as a wine. A plentiful amount of Central Coast Syrah, sourced through world class winery Whitcraft, is infused with oak heavy mixed culture beer. We then extract the luscious liquid and bottle it with almost imperceivable carbonation. Rich and vivacious, Syrah will delight any lover of red wine.

Green Park Lager

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Lager 5% ABV
Highland Park Brewery, Green Cheek Beer Co. and Cellarmaker have combined their lager knowledge to create a dry, extremely pale but distinctly Californian pilsner. Hopped with Styrian Celeia in the kettle for a classic spicy base and then lightly dry hopped with American Sterling (an American take on Czech Saaz hops) for an aromatically fruity accent.

Emerald Eyes

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Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
The world needs more pale ale. You should drink more pale ale. And that’s why we are stoked to rebrew this very new pale, sessionable and aromatic brew. Hopped with a unique and modern combination of Riwaka, Strata and Talus, Emerald Eyes is incredibly soft with aromas of peachy stonefruit, white grape and guava and underlying notes of coastal pine and lime.

Galaxy Blaster

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IPA 6.8% ABV
Galaxy, with its crazy tropical Pineapple - Orange - Guava aroma that’s laced with zesty lime and ginger spice, is one of those hops that doesn’t require other hops with it to make a beer pop. One sniff and sip of this beer will show you what we are talking about. In order for you to have an unadulterated Galaxy experience, we brew Galaxy Blaster with our house neutral ale yeast which doesn’t obfuscate the beautiful hop character.

Orange Julian

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IPA 6.8% ABV
A big old IPA brewed with oats and wheat and an abundance of hops as well as double dry hopped. The high ester producing yeast adds an intriguing pineapple and mango quality to an over the top hop expression from Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. This IPA was originally brewed for Beachwood BBQ Seal Beach's 10th anniversary

Pacific Dopeness

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IPA 6.8% ABV
Super dry and crisp with minimal malt and high minerality, and a laser focus on the hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. We desire a hoppy ale that has enticingly pungent aromas that remind us of tropical fruit and freshly cured ganja as well as a flavor that coats the tongue with alluring hop oils that triggers a dopamine response. Hops: Strata, Talus, Simcoe and Motueka

Dank Williams

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Double IPA 8.2% ABV
Hopped intensely with Mosaic and Simcoe in the boil for rich hop oil stickiness and double dry hopped with Nelson, Motueka, Mosaic and Centennial. Big bright fruity aromas from the Southern Hemisphere hops with a pine and stone fruit focused flavor. Praise these hops, I saw the dank!

Baby Blammo

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Coconut Porter 8% ABV
Baby Blammo! is a lower abv version of our previously released "Blammo!" stout but with the same amount of coconut of that much stronger beer. Baby Blammo delivers huge flavor in a more drinkable package. Take that with a grain of salt as Baby Blammo is still nice and viscous, coconut forward and has big toffee and chocolate notes as well. 8%

Coffee & Cigarettes

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Smoked Porter 7.7% ABV
A lightly smoked coffee porter made with a touch of German beechwood smoked malt as well as high quality English malts to create a chocolaty, roasty, base beer. Then, add two pounds of Sightglass Papa New Guinea coffee per barrel for an intense but refined coffee character.

Works & Days

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Barrel-Aged Barleywine 17.3% ABV
A four component Barleywine blend that weaves two parts double oak aged Barleywine (Weller Reserve and Thomas Handy Rye) with a barrel of our first Bourbon aged Munichwine (Heaven Hill) as well as a Bourbon aged Barleywine (Old Fitzgerald) of incredible depth that aged for two years. Salivating aromas of Tawny Port, cherry cordial, Tahitian vanilla, bourbon soaked dates and chinotto. Paralyzing flavors of maple sugar marzipan, creme brulee, fig, cinnamon raisin pumpernickel French toast and bourbon warmth.

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Prices do not include Sales Tax. A 3% charge is being applied to each check for San Francisco city mandates

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