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4Pk Bubble Scaled

Bubble Chamber

Dry Hopper Pilsner • 5.5% ABV
4Pk Bubble Scaled

We are so stoked to bring you our latest lager Bubble Chamber, a dry-hopped German-style pilsner. This is the light beer craft drinkers want to crush. Pleasantly soft citrus and floral orange blossom aromas arise from German Hallertau Mittelfrüh and the dry hop of whole leaf German Hersbrucker hops sourced by @hopheadfarms. The flavor is fresh, clean and vibrant with hints of oolong tea, lilac pollen, honey dipped rye bread and dried lemon peel. Zesty carbonation and a smooth as silk finish from 6 weeks of cold conditioning continues to keep the beer crisp as it disappears from your glass.

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