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The 9 YEAR munichwine is ready!
We will have it on draft & in bottle at Howard street this Friday.
We will be opening early at 1pm to celebrate this release.
Why not keep the party going as long as you can right?

9 Year Anniversary Munichwine – sold out 
To celebrate our 9 years of slangin’ beers we created this focused blend of two of our favorite Munichwine barrels. Munichwine, it is a barleywine like beer made with a high % of German Munich malts. The toasty Munich malts develop a deeply complex rustic bread, almond & cherry cordial character not always found in barleywine. After aging in one Weller and one Blanton’s Bourbon barrel for 13 months, we blended the two barrels for what we believe is an elegant and true-to-type example of the style.

375 ml Bottle $23 Limit 6