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Cellarmaker Beer

2 new mixed culture fruited sour bottles are available for purchase through the @cellarmakerhouseofpizza website!



The much anticipated 2019 vintage follow up to 2018’s inaugural “Syrah.” A collaborative wine/beer hybrid brewed by Cellarmaker with grapes sourced from Santa Ynez by Central California’s @whitcraftwinery through Matt Crist (@mattycwines) otherwise known as “My Friend Matt’s Vineyard.” A beer like no other, Syrah is only such by pure statistics. 

Carefully chosen barrel-aged sour ale is refermented on top of the choicest California grown whole cluster Syrah grapes in order to infuse every ounce with the exceptional properties of wine. The transmutation is pursued in its entirety until something wholly unbeer-like remains. 

At first pour, one will notice a nearly complete lack of carbonation as we have intentionally diminished the reconditioning to only that which is needed to help remove oxygen and stabilize the beer. The color is a vibrant yet transfixing cerise adjoined with the many aromas of red — strawberry, cherry, blackberry — all which lead to a sip with flavors of similar attractive origin. The spice of wood, whether from knotted oak or the hardened grape stems, is a subtle staccato counterpoint to the legato of luscious fruit.

In a world where all is no longer what it seems, Syrah will further blur your expectation of what beer can and cannot be. 500mL bottle, $20 each, 4 bottles per person


Farmer Direct: Peach/Pluot

Every summer we are reminded how tremendously lucky we are to reside in one of the premier growing regions for many agricultural products. Stonefruit season is one of the most celebrated harvests and for good reason as the succulent orbs of sweet flesh engross the booths of the farmers markets.

This year we again worked with the sustainability-focused growers at @froghollowfarm to bring you Farmer Direct: O’Henry Peach and Dapple Dandy Pluot, a barrel-aged sour ale refermented on said fruit. Frog Hollow continuously grows some of the best stonefruit around so we weren’t surprised to find that 2019’s peaches and pluots were as juicy and bright flavored as ever.

FD: Peach/Pluot has incredibly clear aromas of peach and candied nectarine. The flavor starts with a mild acidity that transitions to sugar poached peaches and saliva inducing fruit skin. This is a sexy beer that delivers from top to bottom and should be in any fruited sour lover’s cellar. 500mL bottle for $20, 4 bottles per person

$20 – 5oo ml Bottles

Limit 4 Bottles

Original Release Date: Friday 4/24/2020 @ CHOP