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Cellarmaker Beer

2020 Moon Sisters

Cellarmaker is excited to bring you the second batch of Moon Sisters, our barrel-aged Blackberry sour ale. This blend of mixed culture ales was combined in oak on top of California grown blackberries and then further fermented and aged for 6 months. Moon Sisters has an enticing deep pink hue with aromas that are floral and softly fruity with hints of hibiscus and pear. The flavor is like Grenache rosé with hints of plum, blackberry and green strawberry with a silky body that lingers on the palate with restrained acidity keeping it light and fresh. 500 ml Bottle

$20 – 5oo ml Bottles

2020 Harvest 4:1 Peach

The next addition to our barrel-aged sour 4:1 series was fermented for the first time on two California grown peach varieties. We brought in amazingly juicy and aromatic Cal Red and O’Henry peaches from Sunnyland Orchards and Frog Hollow Farm respectively. Bright stonefruit aromas lead down a tantalizing path to an upfront acidity followed by peach skin like tannins and a ripe nectarine like sweetness. Like biting into a perfectly ripe peach, acidity and sweetness refresh the senses leading to summertime bliss. 500 ml

$20 – 5oo ml Bottles

2020 Spiritual States 

A blend of two different oak aged stouts, one having spent a year in a Weller Bourbon barrel, the other, 8 months in a Blanton’s Bourbon barrel. The sum is greater than the parts as the combined stouts bring luscious elements of oak and spice, rich cacao, vanilla and molasses, creme brûlée and toasted coconut. This is a divinely elegant stout that gets better as it warms so let it sit for a few minutes before enjoying. 500 ml

$23 – 5oo ml Bottles

2020 Farmer Direct: Emerald Beaut Plum

Stonefruit season brings a bounty of succulent fruits dripping sweet juices that tickle your tongue. Not one is any match for the sugary and tangy plum. We blended a few barrels of delicate mixed culture ale from our cellar on top of California grown organic Emerald Beaut plums from the stonefruit masters over at Frog Hollow Farm. This was stored away to gently referment and condition in the oak. This beer has sexy fresh stonefruit and meyer lemon aromas like a fine riesling wine. The flavor is an implied sweetness around medium acidity and those rad stonefruit skin flavors that give the impression of biting into a ripe plum. 500 ml

$20 – 5oo ml Bottles

Limit 4 Bottles

Original Release Date: Wednesday 6/10/2020 @ CHOP