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Cellarmaker Beer

Our friend Kyle from @horusagedales came down over a year ago and brewed up our s’mores inspired imperial stout collab called Professor Pastry. Before adding the adjuncts we split off a portion of the batch into bourbon barrels. One year later the beer has emerged as Ocean of Storms, some of which sat on toasted coconut to become Coconut Ocean of Storms.
These are C̳H̳E̳W̳Y̳ beers that will coat your mouth chute and all down the gullet. Sweetness, barrel, rich flavors, tannin, roast and booze all play off each other harmoniously, perpetually exciting the stout center of your brain (which is in direct opposition to the pilsner center). Aromas and flavors of milk chocolate, toffee, vanilla, creme brûlée, sugar poached figs, combined with silky coconut macaroon on Coconut Ocean of Storms.

Original Release Date: Friday, December 20th, 2019 at noon

Ocean of Storms $25/ 500 ml Bottle  (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 2 ~ SOLD OUT! 

Coconut Ocean of Storms $28/ 500 ml Bottle  (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 1 ~ SOLD OUT!!!