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Sorry! These bottle are all gone.

Southern Passion is a single hop IPA featuring Southern Passion hops (which are grown in South Africa…a region not popularly known for hop growing). Years ago we heard that Jeff Erway at La Cumbre Brewing in New Mexico (incredible brewery by the way if you’ve never heard of them) was using them and we were intrigued. New flavors? Hop growing region that is close to Southern Hemisphere known for tropical flavors? High alpha acid and oil content? Yep… sign us up. After much searching, wiring money across the globe, dealing with U.S. Customs and what felt like a million shipping/customs forms, we were able to secure some of these beautiful hops. This hop is unique in so many ways and certainly changes in flavor throughout the lifespan of any beer it is involved with.

Cheers to exploring new hop varieties and the hard working hop breeders and farmers who make all of these awesome flavors possible!

Date: Tuesday, June 7th at 2pm. (Date and time subject to change)

Price: $9 (includes tax + crv)

Limit: 6