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Quadruple Dobis ~ Quadruple IPA ~ Sold out 

Sorry these cans are sold out. A beer that almost makes no sense, almost. A Beer that uses 8 pounds per barrel of Citra hops in a single batch. Quadruple Dobis is that beer. Juicy with notes of lychee, mandarin orange and pineapple with just enough malt backbone to hold down the fort. 100% Citra hopped.

$7 per 16oz can ~  4 Pack $26

Limit 8 Cans

Max 2/4pk per beer per a person 🙂

All limits subject to change 🙂

Release Date: Tuesday December 18th, 2018 at 3pm

Pro Tips: It may Rain so we are selling the cans behind the bar. If you are just going to grab & go, a natural line will form at the low bar. If you have some time you may order drinks and cans anywhere else at the bar. Cheers!