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16 Cans (4 x 4 packs) Mix and Match – 4 x 4 CASE


Choose four 4 packs of our favorite selections.

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"10 FORTY" German-style Pilsner 4pk

If you’ve been paying attention to the NorCal lager game then you know that Urban Roots makes one of the most perfect little Czech Lagers called 10 Degrees. It was to our delight when UR agreed to collaborate with us and make a 10 Degrees copy but through a German lens. The recipe is quite similar to 10 Degrees but with the subtle difference of employing German Tettnang and Mittelfruh hops. Otherwise, any other differences will be from the unique influences our breweries and brewers impart. Prost!

4% ABV


"Bubble Chamber" Dry Hopped German Style Pilsner 4pk

We are so stoked to bring you our latest lager Bubble Chamber, a dry-hopped German-style pilsner. This is the light beer craft drinkers want to crush.  Pleasantly soft citrus and floral orange blossom aromas arise from German Hallertau Mittelfrüh and the dry hop of whole leaf German Hersbrucker hops sourced by @hopheadfarms. The flavor is fresh, clean and vibrant with hints of oolong tea, lilac pollen, honey dipped rye bread and dried lemon peel.

5.5 ABV


"Abel Tasman" New Zealand hopped Pilsner 4pk

Abel Tasman National Park is located at the northern most section of the southern island of New Zealand. During a trip to NZ in 2019, we were captivated by the park’s awe-inspiring beauty. While there, we spent crucial time selecting the best hops NZ has to offer. This 100% NZ hopped pilsner is the result of that time and inspiration. Hops: Nelson, Riwaka, NZ Cascade, Motueka!

5.2 ABV


"Moonage Daydream" Hazy West Coast Pale Ale 4pk

We love Australian Galaxy hops & have been really happy with their quality lately. That’s why we decided to brew our original 100% Galaxy beer, Moonage Daydream. This pale ale is super crushable with a light, crackery malt character & pungent mango and pine aromas from the hops. This one will make you freak out! Drink more pale ale!

5.7 ABV


"Repeating Symbols" Hazy West Coast Pale Ale 4pk

Hopped highly with Galaxy, Nelson and Riwaka, Repeating Symbols is super tropical with aromas of lychee, sauvignon and concord grape, mango and warming spice. Just like all of our pale ales, this beer brings loads of enticing flavor and aroma but with a uniqueness delivered by these difficult to source hops.

5.7 ABV


"Maximum Joy" West Coast IPA 4pk

​​Assertive American Simcoe and Centennial hops balance out the tropical fruit flavors of two New Zealand grown hops (Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka) with melon, citrus and earthy pine sap aromas and flavors. This high intensity international IPA is designed to electrify the pleasure center of your dome, like a smooth operator, for maximum joy.

6.3 ABV


"Get Off my Lawn" Hazy DIPA 4pk

When we first brewed this Hazy Double IPA years ago we had a lot of explaining to do. A lot of people were put off by the deep haze of this beer, the soft and chewy body and the wild tropical fruit aromas from modern hops and expressive yeast. The original description even had a tongue-in-cheek declaration that we are “just kids doing kid stuff!” We didn’t let the detractors get us down, some are even friends! So apologies to the last few of you out there who still aren’t on board… We make West Coast IPA too! Hops: Strata, Ekuanot, Citra, Simcoe and Galaxy!

8.2 ABV


"Coffee & Cigarettes" Smoked Coffee Porter w/ Saint Frank 4pk

This is a one-off batch of our beloved Coffee and Cigarettes that features the winning coffee from our blind tasting Coffee and Cigarettes Showdown that we held during SF Beer Week. Tasted and selected by the customers who came through that day, Saint Frank’s Honduras Santa Barbara Natural was a clear favorite of the four coffees garnering almost half the votes. This coffee is bold and rich and really brings the coffee element to the forefront of the beer.

7.7 ABV


"Coffee & Cigarettes" Smoked Coffee Porter 4pk

A lightly smoked coffee porter made with a touch of German beechwood smoked malt as well as high quality English malts to create a chocolaty, roasty, base beer. Then, add two pounds per barrel of Toketee coffee blend from Sightglass for an intense but refined coffee character.

7.7 ABV


"Baby Blammo" Strong Coconut Stout 4pk

Baby Blammo! is a lower abv version of our “Blammo!” imperial stout but with the same amount of toasted coconut of that much stronger beer. Baby Blammo delivers huge flavor in a more drinkable package. Take that with a grain of salt as Baby Blammo is still nice and viscous, coconut forward and has big coffee and chocolate notes as well.



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