Variety Mix of Cellarmaker Beers

Kilning Me Softly IPA, 3 Hop Pale Ale & Select Cut DDH HAZY DIPA – SOLD OUT

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Kilning Me Softly IPA

There are a few points in the processing of hops that their beautiful aromatics can be accidentally driven off or altered negatively. During kilning, the wet, freshly picked hops sit in a bed while hot air is pumped through them. A perfectly kilned hop will retain just the right amount of moisture as well as those juicy aromas. We are stoked to brew the first batch of 2020 Kilning with the best of our 2020 crop year Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic & Strata. 

4pk = $18

3 Hop Pale Ale 

The first edition of a new rotating hop combo Hazy West Coast Pale Ale. Since the closure of our taproom due to the Pandemic, it has been difficult for us to make different beers all the time for many reasons. This rotating pale ale will allow us to substitute and swap in different hops for each batch giving all y’all a exciting new hop experience each time. Our initial batch features two classic, but always dope hops, Simcoe and Centennial for lots of terpenes and citrus as well as the hot new comer, Nectar — a brand new New Zealand grown hop that is pungently redolent of apricot and nectarine! Cheers to you and cheers to new shit!

4pk = $16


We are so stoked for this bombastic collab with the creative folk over at Hop Butcher for the World, a Chicago area based brew crew. If you don’t know their amazing hoppy offerings with slick can art then make sure to check them out. For Select Cut we went through the list of hops to find a combination that brings varying elements that would knock all the socks off. ALL OF THEM. Get ready for intense aromas and flavors from stone fruit forward Nectaron (a new New Zealand variety), lemon Warhead like Centennial, winter melon forward Cascade and drippy pineapple gummy bear Idaho 7. This beer fux, no it fuhcks, NO, FUCKS! There we said it. Sorry, not sorry, DAD! Don’t miss this one!

4pk = $24

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