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Cellarmaker Beer

Farmer Direct: Blenheim Apricot – sold out 

Attention apricot fans, our newest barrel cellar offering Farmer Direct: Blenheim Apricot is screaming with ripe and sticky apricot character. We used massive amounts of blenheim apricots from B&R Farms down in Hollister, California to infuse this barrel aged mixed culture ale with stone fruit flavor so rich and real you can almost taste the fuzzy skin. A light minerality along with oak tannin induces increased saliva production; meanwhile spicy funk from our house culture seduces your appetite while a light acidity continually refreshes the palate.

Original Release Date:

Friday October 16th

Price $15/ 5oo ml

Geschenkebaum ~ SOLD OUT 

Geschenkebaum (German for “Giving Tree”) is brewed with a wild German plum variety called zwetschgen. The inky skinned fruit was gathered from an old tree that was planted decades ago in the yard of Redwood City residents Lothar and Lucie Staudt. In the summer of 2019 their son Volker and our friend Tim Kanaday brought us buckets of these deep violet orbs which we added directly to a saison and aged it in a single Tom Cat Gin barrel from Barr Hill. The result is a rosé colored beer with similar aromas of plum and strawberry and a subtle floral bouquet from the gin barrel. The flavor is of mid-summer stonefruit with a silky structure that elegantly lingers on the palate, never seeming thin nor heavy.

Original Release Date:

Friday October 9th

Price $18/ 5oo ml

Limit 2 per person

Double Barrel Batch 1000 ~ SOLD OUT 

Cellarmaker is proud to present our first barrel-aged barleywine! This is a style that we have a deep respect for as it is one of the most complex, time consuming styles to brew. Our one-thousandth batch sounded deserving of an epic beer so we chose this storied style that has a tremendously flavorful history. As you might think brewing a bold beer such as this was a little daunting for us so we were more than relieved when barleywine master Gabe Fletcher of Anchorage Brewing Company signed on to collaborate and tutor us on how to make a world class barleywine. 

After brew day and fermentation we moved Batch 1000 to Savage and Cooke (an up and coming Bay Area distillery) Lip Service Rye and The Burning Chair Bourbon barrels for 8 months. We then double barrel aged Batch 1000 in Weller Reserve Bourbon barrels for an additional 11 months. 

The result? A deeply expressive brew that tantalizes the senses with bright bourbon heat, rich toffee, woody coconut and molasses biscotti cookies dusted with cacao. The sturdy sweetness enhances the Rollo candy like elements but fear not, Double Barrel Batch 1000 never derails into pastry territory due to a solid bitterness that continuously revives the palate from sugar fatigue.

Double Barrel Batch 1000 will continue to age gracefully for many years. When it comes time to consume it we highly recommend pouring Double Barrel Batch 1000 into a snifter and letting it sit until it approaches room temperature and the carbonation becomes minimal at most. 

Original Release Date:

Friday October 16th

Price $30/  375 ml

Limit 4 per person