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Cellarmaker Artwork

We have prefilled only 100 32oz crowlers of Pastry Program #4!

The limit is 2 crowlers per person, $25 each.

Sorry these Crowlers are sold out.

Pastry Program #4 release date is Thursday May 9th at 3pm

Is your favorite part of eating ice cream slurping the melted goodness at the bottom of the bowl? Then get ready for a beer that reminds us more of drinking a chocolate milkshake than beer. Pastry Program #4 continues the lineage of dessert flavors infused into a rich, decadent stout with a double chocolate explosion from 10 lbs per barrel of Cru cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Nicaragua as well as Dutch processed cocoa.

We highly suggest keeping the crowler cold and consuming within 14 days of filling even though these have been pre-purged with CO2 and professionally filled.

There will be draft available for in house consumption.