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Cellarmaker Beer

Sorry. These crowlers are all gone. 

We have prefilled 140 32oz crowlers of our first true pastry stout. Two crowlers per person, $25 each.

Pastry Program #1 is a super decadent and rich imperial stout brewed with the most flavorful malts we could assemble. Coming in at a whopping 13.1% ABV, we get maximum extraction from pounds and pounds of Cru and Dandelion cacao nibs, a truly salivating amount of Tonga and Madagascar vanilla beans and just a touch of Sightglass Coffee for added depth and richness. Aromas of dark cacao and chocolate truffle as well as toffee and almond coffee tickle the nose. The flavor exudes gooey fudginess with toasted mocha marshmallow milkshake sweetness. Thick and tongue-coating, Pastry Program #1 is more redolent of artisanal chocolate syrup than fizzy beer.

Unfortunately this was somewhat of a trial batch so the size is small and the allocations are limited. We highly suggest keeping the crowler cold and consuming within 14 days of filling even though these have been pre-purged with CO2 and professionally filled.

There will be draft available for in house consumption.