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Cellarmaker Beer

Spectral Delineation

You often hear, the sum is greater than its parts. This is the view of the artist, organizing elements into the grander scale of being. Science, aligns itself with the nano, detailing how each diminutive but measurable influence affects the whole. This speaks to both worlds. In the macro sense, complementary elements of stone fruit, spice, wood & acidity make for a balanced & enjoyable beer. Figurative evisceration reveals a single oak barrel that was once filled with wild plums & saison which, after being partially emptied leaving some fruit & lees, was refilled with American pale ale wort singularly hopped with Australian Enigma hops. After time, the mixed bacteria & wild yeasts added their own evolutionary imprint as the beer slowly extracted the tannins & oak. Refermentation in the bottle infused piquant carbonation that will continuously compel the pillowy head.

375 ml Bottle = $9


A single oak barrel was packed with 2019 harvest whole cluster Vermentino grapes from Ryme Cellars in Sonoma and then filled with mixed-culture saison. We left this barrel for 10 months to condition, age and extract the delicate flavors of this Italian grape. Apricot, white pepper, plum, cardamom and pear aromas and flavors mingle with a restrained, dried lemon peel acidity. A medium body is enlivened with tannins and silky oak continuing on to a finish of chamomile and gin-like botanicals.

375 ml Bottle = $13