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“Mo’ Nelson” IPA Cans ~ Sold Out 

Sorry these cans are gone. Mosaic and Nelson hops are two of our top faves. This beer is packed with fruit from these killer hops. Enjoy as they capoeira around your dome. Cantaloupe, Guava, Gooseberries, Blueberry and a slight touch of that dank diesel character that only our good friend Nelson can bring to the party.

$5 per 16oz can or 4 Pack $18

Limit 24 Cans

“Murker Comp” Double IPA Cans ~ Sold Out

Sorry these cans are gone. It’s time to stay home away form the dangers of work so you can enjoy this brand new Double IPA that employs multiple hop additions at a wide range of times and temperatures for a head to tail complete hop experience. Mashed with a healthy dose of oats, Murker’s Comp has a chewy, thick body, perfect for supporting rich tropical and dank aromas and flavors from Mosaic, Galaxy, Nelson and Citra hops. We ferment with our house English ale yeast blend for even more melon and pineapple. We leave this beer nice and hazy for extra juiciness!

$6 per 16oz can or 4 Pack $22

Limit 24 Cans

All limits subject to change

Max 6/4pk per beer per person 🙂

Release Date: Tuesday November 13th, 2018 at noon