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“Mo’ Citra” IPA Cans ~ Sold Out 

Sorry, Mo’ Citra cans are sold out. Another addition to our exploratory series of IPAs based on the Mosaic hop. Berry and dank from the Mosaic are paired with grapefruit oil aromas and a sweet peach finish. Both fruity and dank, it’s a combo that can’t lose!

$5 per 16oz can or 4 Pack $18

Limit 24 Cans

“Highway To The Danker Zone ” Double IPA Cans ~ Sold out 

Sorry, Danker Zone cans are sold out. We love Nelson hops. They exhibit unique juicy white wine flavors unlike any other hop. There’s really no other hop quite like ’em. Here’s a West Coast Double IPA that is resinous and piney, coming in at 8.4% ABV and loaded with Nelson hops (as well as smaller amounts of Citra and Simcoe). Notes of citrus, white wine, and gooseberries.

$6 per 16oz can or 4 Pack $22

Limit 24 Cans

All limits subject to change

Max 6/4pk per beer per person 🙂

Release Date: Tuesday October 2nd, 2018 at noon