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Cellarmaker Beer

LOST WISDOM BATCH 10 – sold out 

For 5 years we have nurtured a continuous fermentation by yeast and bacteria in a single tank in our brewery. Within the stainless steel enclosure lies our house mixed culture saison, Lost Wisdom. Periodically we remove a portion of the beer for bottling and replace it with fresh wort to continue the cycle of fermentation. The beer before you is a snapshot of Lost Wisdom’s persistent development. Batch 10 

750ml = $18
3L = $70


In celebration of the tenth batch of Lost Wisdom we have created this variant with Phantasm (a product out of New Zealand made from dried sauvignon blanc grapes). We conditioned a portion of Lost Wisdom on these grapes for many months allowing the brettanomyces to transform the inactive compounds of the grapes into tropical and white wine like aromatics further adding to Lost Wisdom’s bouquet of citrus peel, dried herbs and earthy funk.

500 ml = $15