Our next adventure comes to Bernal Heights as we set our sights on the transcendent combination of pizza and beer. Follow Mission Street south from our original location to find our small Detroit-style pizzeria and brewery.

What’s Detroit-style pizza? We’re glad you asked! Originating in Detroit, this deep dish pizza is baked in a square pan with a thick, but light and airy chewy dough that develops a crispy bite from the oil lined pan. If that isn’t succulent enough, decadent cheese lines the pie from edge to edge forming its own caramelized crust as it bakes up against the pan. Toppings vary from pizza to pizza always keeping with the Cellarmaker tradition of sourcing the best possible ingredients. We also serve a variety of salads and sides that change seasonally featuring delicata squash and earthy greens in the winter to stone fruit and early girl tomatoes in the summer. The way it should be!

Our commitment to quality when it comes to beer is very high. You’ve got to wonder about the food though right? This isn’t your average pub food that comes in frozen on a big Sysco Truck. We don’t use uninspired ingredients in our beer and we certainly won’t be using them in our food. We’re talking San Francisco Farmer’s Markets, embracing what’s in season, rotating the food menu to keep it exciting for you (and us)!

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Much like our original location, the people involved matter very deeply. Michael Malyniwsky, our executive chef, has been cooking professionally since the age of 15. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada and establishing himself on the East Coast dining scene working at a variety of James Beard award winning fine dining restaurants from 2004-2014. Also a 2 year opening stint at well known craft beer establishment, Birch & Barley (Churchkey), in Washington DC. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Michael certainly knows what classy food is but his love for Little Caesars was undeniable all along. With a resume like his, pizza isn’t exactly the first thing you work on. The Cellarmaker Team was connected to Chef Michael via mutual friend, Mike O’Brien (formerly of Monk’s Kettle and Birch & Barley). We are grateful to have been on the same page with someone as passionate about food as we are beer along our journey to opening this location.

Just like our original location on Howard Street we will have a rotating line-up of house brewed beers that will compliment the changing flavors of the food. The small 4-barrel system with 3 8-barrel fermenters gives us increased flexibility to brew all beers from classic styles to boundary pushing beers of far-out flavor, concept and inspiration. We will also feature a small selection of beers from our Howard St. location as well as the beers of the best breweries far and wide with whom we have fostered artistic and friendly relations with.

If beer isn’t your beverage of choice we will have a hand selected variety of delectable wines and ciders available for your enjoyment.

We have done our best to offer top notch food in a casual and comfortable environment and sincerely hope you enjoy your experience(s) in our new location! We do not accept reservations, both of our locations operate on a first come first serve basis. Cheers!

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