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We have indoor dining, outdoor dining and take away at this location.  We recommend ordering food through our online ordering system.  We have 4 packs, individual cans and bottles available to go.

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BA Sour with Fruit 6.5% ABV
4 pounds per gallon of O’Henry peaches from Sunnyland Orchards were added to a mixed-culture witbier and further aged in oak for six months. These peaches were absolutely dripping with sugary-sweet juices that we knew were going to infuse the beer with tremendous amounts of flavor. Our prediction was correct — 4:1 Peach has explosive aroma that leads into bright acidity and over the top peachiness.

Timbo Pils

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Hoppy Pilsner 5.8% ABV
When our buddies at Highland Park ask you to brew their award winning West Coast Pilsner for Timbo Week you say “HELL YEAH!” Timbo takes a West Coast IPA and runs it through the lager machine to get an even cleaner and crisper hoppy beer. With a medium sized dry hop of Mosaic and Citra, Timbo has super rad aromas of marijuana, grapefruit and ripe guava. Blasts of citrus pith and pine sap dominate the flavor with hints of grainy pilsner malt in the background. BEER!

Pineapple Peak

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Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
What happens when you cross our two of our favorite pale ales, Mt. Nelson and Dobis? You get Pineapple Peak! Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops are together at last in a supremely aromatic and flavorful, but always easy drinking, pale ale. Tangerine, pineapple and tangy ganja aromas are followed by pithy lemon peel and a Kerns nectar like juicy finish.

Dank of the West

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IPA 6.5% ABV
You know we love anything DANK, so when we tried this oily, tangy, ganja-smelling IPA, we had to label it with our first dank pun in years! Strata and Idaho 7 lead the way with bright tropical fruit and sour diesel spice with a touch of Centennial and Simcoe for undertones of citrusy terpenes. Clear and crisp for that West Coast kick that we all love some much!

Wicked Juicy

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IPA 7.0% ABV
In Northern California we say HELLA, but in Boston they say WICKED… We brewed Wicked Juicy as our 1st attempt at creating an IPA in the style of the great hop-forward brewers in the Northeast. We make this one with Simcoe, Citra & Galaxy hops along with a simple grist of pale malt & oats & ferment it warm with an expressive yeast. It’s totally unfiltered and dripping with juicy splendor!

Wild Gooseberry Chase

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IPA 7.1% ABV
We love New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. It is by far our favorite hop. No other hop has such a wide range of aromas and flavors so it’s perfect for a single hop beer like this. We used two of our favorite lots of Nelson from Freestyle Farm’s 2020 harvest. We think this is the perfect showcase of what Nelson can and should smell and taste like.

DDH Select Cut

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DDH Double IPA 8% ABV
We are so stoked for this bombastic collab with the creative folk over at Hop Butcher for the World, a Chicago area based brew crew. If you don’t know their amazing hoppy offerings with slick can art then make sure to check them out. For Select Cut we went through the list of hops to find a combination that brings varying elements that would knock all the socks off. ALL OF THEM. Get ready for intense aromas and flavors from stone fruit forward Nectaron (a new New Zealand variety), lemon Warhead like Centennial, winter melon forward Cascade and drippy pineapple gummy bear Idaho 7. This beer fux, no it fuhcks, NO, FUCKS! There we said it. Sorry, not sorry, DAD! Don’t miss this one!

Coffee & Cigarettes

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Smoked Coffee Porter 7.7% ABV
A lightly smoked coffee porter made with a touch of German beechwood smoked malt as well as high quality English malts to create a chocolaty, roasty, base beer. Then, add two pounds of Sightglass Peruvian Valle Inca Reserve coffee per barrel for an intense but refined coffee character.

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