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Cellarmaker Beer

Farmer Direct: Earlirich Peach Bottles

This one is crammed with amazing Earlirich peaches from @kashiwasefarms. We created the perfect blend of barrel aged and non barrel aged mixed culture beers, further aged the blend in oak on super juicy, drippingly ripe organic peaches from California. Like most of our fruited sours, we hand processed real fruit fresh from farmers we have met and formed relations with in order to bring you an incredibly potent and luscious California fruit and beer experience. Farmer Direct: Earlirich Peach follows suit with an outrageous amount of aroma and flavor, like biting into fruit flesh that is at once ripely sweet and brightly acidic with notes of tannic peach skin. The beer explodes on your palate with high carbonation and a zesty lactic bite. The acid stays out of the way however and only amplifies the beautiful fruit. This is a true culmination of five years of dedication to always improving the mixed culture side of our craft.

$20 – 5oo ml Bottles

Limit 4 Bottles