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Cellarmaker Folks

A Salute to classic Beer Styles: Traditional Pastry Stout Bottles ~ SOLD OUT

If it wasn’t for the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, the globe may have never known the pastry stout. Well equipped for the long journey, this strong and sturdy, decadent brew was shipped by 18th century British breweries a thousand miles to Catherine’s imperial court. Finding the base beer kinda meh, adoring sycophants of the crown would add exotic ingredients in an attempt to win the favor of their Queen. This particular combination of banana, coconut, marshmallow, cacao and vanilla was her personal favorite; she always rated it five stars. Collab with Green Cheek Beer Co. CONTAINS: EGGS, BANANA & COCONUT

5oo ml Bottles – $17

Limit 4 Bottles

Original Release Date: Saturday 2.8.2020