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Cellarmaker Beer

Entangled Worlds – Barrel aged Black Barleywine 

An onslaught of high intensity flavors awaits you with our newest barrel aged offering. Entangled Worlds ties together bourbon soaked Barleywine and Imperial Stout which is then infused with a sturdy hit of whole vanilla bean and a tremendous amount of hazelnut. Waves of toffee drizzled brownies, hazelnut fudge, double chocolate chip cookies, Nutella filled crepes all collide with the hear and icky spice of the Old Fitsgerald and Weller aged beer balanced b rich mouth-coating body and soothing sweetness. No extracts we’re used in the making of Entangled Worlds; you can smell and taste the authenticity. We are talking high classs dessert not donut shop tricks.

$24/375ml bottle

Limit 6