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Double Dobis bottles are sold out.

Double Dobis is our Citra hopped Double IPA. This batch is purposely hopped with 3 different lots of Citra so you can truly wrap your head around this beautiful hop variety. Regular Dobis was really the first Pale Ale we ever made. Since it’s inception it has been one of our favorite beers so it made a ton of sense to double it down on our 1st anniversary and make Double Dobis. We’ve been hooked on this beer ever since. Excessive quantities of Citra equate to intense pineapple, melon, mandarin and lychee character. Bring your friends the gift of fresh Double Dobis for July 4th this year.

Release Date: Tuesday, June 28th at 2pm.
Price: $10 (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 6