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Cellarmaker Artwork

Release Date: Tuesday, June 13th, 2017  at 2pm.

For this month’s release we switch gears. Different format… Cans! While we will still package beers like Lost Wisdom in bottles, the freshness-forward beers will be in cans. Cans are better for the beer and the consumer in so many ways. Great for camping/other outdoor activities (pack it in, pack it out!) and certainly protects the liquid from those UV rays that’ll skunk your beer before you know it. Drink a can while you get a tan? After you move the van? A can after you cook some eggs in a frying pan? Maybe you’ll drink a can with a Dan? I don’t know man. But if you’re a fan, walk don’t ran, get yourself a can.


Sorry… The Glow Cans are sold out.  Motueka and Citra hops provide a Satsuma zest nose with pleasantly bitter tropical tang and candy apricot on a familiar coastal New Zealand hop flavor undertone. We had to sprinkle The Glow with a little Simcoe and Mosaic for some of that west coast dankness that we love. It’s got that Cellarmaker glow!

$4.00 per 16oz can = 4 Pack $16

Limit 8 Cans


Sorry… the Wicked Juicy cans are sold out. In California we say HELLA, but in Boston they say WICKED… We originally brewed Wicked Juicy back in 2015 as our 1st attempt at creating an IPA in the style of the great hop-forward brewers in the Northeast. We make this one with Simcoe, Citra & Galaxy hops along with a simple grist of pale malt & oats & fermented it warm with English ale yeast. It’s totally unfiltered dude!

$4.50 per 16oz can = 4 Pack $18

Limit 8 Cans


Max 2/4pk per beer per a person 🙂