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Dank Williams Bottles are sold out! Sorry! 

“Dank Williams” one of our favorite Double IPAs will be in bottle form on Tuesday, March 8th.   

The beer will be bottled early in the morning and will be available for purchase starting at 2pm. $10 per a bottle including tax & CRV.

Bottle limits of 6 per person will apply.

We have bottle bags (fits six) available for five dollars or paper bottle bags for 10 cents each. We encourage you to bring your own bags.

You can expect to see a new bottled release from us each month for as long as we feel this system is working. Let’s have some fun!!!

Bottles will be date stamped (month-day-year format) and drinkers will be encouraged to consume within 21 days of bottling. In our opinion these hoppy beers change in flavor very quickly. If you’re drinking this beer any later than 21 days from its bottling date, you’re not drinking the beer as it was intended. Bottles will be stored cold until they are sold. From that point on it is in the hands of the consumer to keep the beer cold and to consume fresh.