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Please click here to have the beer shipped to your home.  These cans will be shipping out starting on WEDNESDAY to arrive within 24-48 hours of shipping. Pre-sale is live  for home shipments. Please double check your address & email before check out. Tracking information comes to you once it has been scanned by the shipping company. If you have questions regarding your order please respond to your confirmation email. Thank you for all your support. 🙂 

Please click here for pick up at CHOP. Presale and Pick up at C-HoP starts on TUESDAY 10/11  Thank you 🙂 

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9 Year Anniversary –  Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – sold out 

Wild Gooseberry Chase – Hazy West Coast IPA – sold out 

Lawn Patrol – West Coast IPA – Collab with Faction – sold out 

Double Coffee Imperial Coffee + Cigarettes – Imperial Coffee Porter – sold out 

Wild Gooseberry Chase – 100% Nelson Hazy West Coast IPA 

We love New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. It is by far our favorite hop. No other hop has such a wide range of aromas and flavors so it’s perfect for a single hop beer like this. For the latest batch we used three different lots of 2021 crop year Nelson from Freestyle Farms in New Zealand to achieve a potent Nelson infused IPA. 4pk= $20

9 Year Anniversary –  Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – sold out 

Pale ale is our perfect party beer. Big aroma and flavor bring the good vibes and lowish ABV keeps the shindig going all night! For this year’s celebratory suds we laced this juicy little thang with loads of Nectaron, HBC 586, Simcoe, Strata and Centennial. The result is a POG-like experience that presents like a birthday mai tai!

Lawn Patrol – West Coast IPA – Collab with Faction

Turn off the Wu-Tang, put down your Broccoli and climb down from your tree fort cause you need to crush some Lawn Patrol. Faction Brewing doesn’t mess around when it comes to punchy, hard-hitting IPA and it shows in our latest collab. Comet hops bring classic Pacific pine while Strata CGX and HBC 586 Cryo layer Lawn Patrol with richly ripe tropical mango, strawberry nectar and some sticky old school Romulan bud.

Double Coffee Imperial Coffee + Cigs – Imperial Coffee Porter

Hold on tight because we have put a reckless amount of Sightglass Guatemalan Las Terrazas coffee into this batch of Imperial Coffee & Cigs. You are going to be grinding your teeth after experiencing what we believe is the most coffee we have ever added to one beer. That’s right we are looking at about 8 lbs per barrel of rich & hearty freshly roasted coffee from around the corner on 7th Street. Be ready to not sleep tonight. But who needs sleep when you’re partying for our 9th anniversary???

Get Cellarmaker beer sent to your doorstep with Hops to Your Home™. 

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You will receive tracking info once the package is prepared. BACK TO GLS.  If you have questions please reply to your shipping confirmation email. 

😊 Shipping: $18 flat rate for 12 can case or $22 flat rate for 16 can case or $25 flat rate for 24 can case – BACK TO GLS

📬All cans are packed by employees who are wearing nitrile gloves and masks and are following strict cleanliness and sanitation guidelines.

📬  Your home delivery address must be in California. Beer will only be delivered with proof of legal age on a valid ID; someone has to be at home to receive the package, it will not be left at your door.

📬The website will give you confirmation when your order goes through and is complete. You will receive a GLS tracking number in an email from shipstation. 

📬As we are using GLS, delivery to most of California should occur about 24-48 hours after shipping. Obviously current circumstances may affect this. We do not take responsibility for disruptions to delivery service due to any circumstance.

📬Beer is shipped cold but is not insulated nor has ice packs. Not ideal, but it’s the best we can do. Questions regarding your order please respond to your confirmation email. Thank you!