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Cellarmaker Artwork

Brain Skillzzz ~ Saison aged in Puncheons ~ Collab with Highland Park Brewery & Automatic Brewing ~ Sold Out 

Sorry these bottles are sold out. At the very center of our brain lies the greatest concentration of synapses and receptors within the Skillzzz Lobe. Little is known about this area of high-functioning activity except that during brewing collaborations, neuroimaging scanners cease functioning from an overload of neural transmission. Years of further research as well as more advanced instrumentation are needed to fully comprehend the extreme computational power of the Skillzzz Lobe; but for now, one can at least enjoy this beer — the eponymous fruit of this puzzling human cognitive complexity.

Release Date: Thursday, February 8th, 2018 at noon
Price: $20 (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 2