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Cellarmaker Label Artwork


Melon/Simcoe~ 5oo ml Bottles 

This is the second installment in our one fruit/one hop mixed culture series. We brewed a barrel aged sour ale with a heavy hand of Simcoe, an already melon forward hop. We then conditioned it on California grown Ambrosia melon from Country Rhodes Family Farm for a crazy, over the top Jolly Rancher like melon aroma and flavor. Super juicy and intriguing! 

Price: $15 (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 4

Artwork by Klari Reis


Mango/Mosaic ~ 750 ml Bottles ~ SOLD OUT

This is the first release in a series of single hop and single fruit barrel-aged sour ales. We fermented this blend on an immense amount of mango purée and dry hopped it with Mosaic hops. We highly suggest gently swirling the bottle upside-down to rouse the settled mango pulp into suspension or you may decant and leave the sediment in the bottle for a less fruit driven experience. The base is a blend of aged and younger barrels of sour ale and saison that bring a lively acidity and white wine flavors. The beer is divinely juicy with Kern’s nectar level fruit. Adding to the huge mango quality is a funky, resinous Mosaic hoppiness that layers in further fruit, but also pine sap and guava.

Artwork by Klari Reis

Price: $27 (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 2


Brain Skillzzz ~ 750 ml Bottles ~ SOLD OUT

Saison aged in Puncheons ~ Collab with Highland Park Brewery & Automatic Brewing

At the very center of our brain lies the greatest concentration of synapses and receptors within the Skillzzz Lobe. Little is known about this area of high-functioning activity except that during brewing collaborations, neuroimaging scanners cease functioning from an overload of neural transmission. Years of further research as well as more advanced instrumentation are needed to fully comprehend the extreme computational power of the Skillzzz Lobe; but for now, one can at least enjoy this beer — the eponymous fruit of this puzzling human cognitive complexity.

Price: $20 (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 2

Artwork by Jake Alexander