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Cellarmaker Label Artwork

“Wild Gooseberry Chase” IPA Cans ~ Sold Out 

We love New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. It is by far our favorite hop. No other hop has such a wide range of aromas and flavors so it’s perfect for a single hop beer like this. We used four different lots of Nelson (different acres and blends) in this beer that we hand selected while in NZ from a singular farm to show off Nelson’s best qualities.

$5 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $18

Limit 24 Cans

“Christopher Riwakan” Pale Ale Cans ~ SOLD OUT!

I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell and more Riwaka. This fresh track is a dynamite pale ale that will have you exploring the space. Made with 100 percent New Zealand Riwaka hops this pale ale has all the tropical notes to give you a smash hit.

$4.50 per 16oz can or 4 Pack $16

Limit 16 Cans

“Dauv Williams” DDH DIPA IPA  ~ SOLD OUT!

Dauv hit the trail. First there was Hank, then there was Dank, now there’s Dauv. That’s right, Dauv is back in another sudsy adventure as Cellarmaker and Alvarado Street Brewery team up to bring you our latest and greatest hit. Dauv Williams is a juicy Double IPA brewed with boat loads of oats, Mosaic, Galaxy and Nelson hops and expressive yeast. This over the top beer is DOUBLE DRY-HOPPED for maximum intensity. Layers and layers of tropical fruit and freshly cured dank in this one!

$6.00 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $22

Limit 16 Cans

All limits subject to change 🙂

Release Date: Tuesday December 17th , 2019 at noon