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20231031 170450 Scaled

“X” 10 Year Barleywine

Barrel-aged Barleywine • 16.2% ABV
20231031 170450 Scaled

As the clock hits 10 for Cellarmaker we will release this blend containing several of our choicest barrels. Ten Year Barleywine brings together young and old barrels for a refined beer that has vibrancy and depth. 20% of the blend is barleywine aged for 8 months in Savage and Cooke Lip Service Rye whiskey barrels; 30% barleywine aged for 16 months in Weller Special Reserve Bourbon barrels, 30% barleywine aged for 16 months in Stagg Jr. Bourbon Barrels; and 20% Imperial Stout aged for 25 months in Heaven Hill 10 year barrels. We present this as a special offering that we know you will enjoy, but it also doubles as a birthday gift for ourselves…

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