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Keller Instinct 4Pk Scaled

Keller Instinct

German style Kellerbier • 5.0 ABV
Keller Instinct 4Pk Scaled

Straight out of our cellar comes this soft and elegant Kellerbier, a German beer style that encompasses a small range of flavors and appearances but must remain unfiltered so that it has a slight haze. We brewed Keller Instinct to be pilsner-like employing German Pilsner and a touch of German Munich malts, German Hersbrucker and Mittelfrüh hops and fermented it cold with German lager yeast. After several weeks of cold fermentation and conditioning Keller Instinct has a perfect balance of bready malt and floral, lemony hops – all of which are rounded and softened by the lack of filtration.

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