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Cellarmaker Beer

Works & Days Barrel Aged Barleywine- SOLD OUT 

Bottles & draft on Thursday 2/17 @ 3pm on HOWARD!

A four component Barleywine blend that weaves two parts double oak aged Barleywine (Weller Reserve and Thomas Handy Rye) with a barrel of our first Bourbon aged Munichwine (Heaven Hill) as well as a Bourbon aged Barleywine (Old Fitzgerald) of incredible depth that aged for two years. Salivating aromas of Tawny Port, cherry cordial, Tahitian vanilla, bourbon soaked dates and chinotto. Paralyzing flavors of maple sugar marzipan, creme brulee, fig, cinnamon raisin pumpernickel French toast and bourbon warmth.

$30 per 375mL 
4 bottles per person