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Gold Dust – Lite Ale – sold out 

Abel Tasman – New Zealand hopped Pilsner – sold out 

Dobis – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – 100% Citra hopped – sold out 

Duality: Nelson & Strata – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – sold out 

Wild Gooseberry Chase-  Hazy West Coast IPA  – sold out 

Mo’ Strata – West Coast IPA-  sold out 

Double Mt Nelson – 100% Nelson Hazy West Coast DIPA – sold out 

Baby Blammo – Coconut Stout 

Gold Dust – Lite Ale 

Gold Dust is a crisp, modernly hopped ale that delivers svelte drinkability with elegant hop character. The aroma and flavor are unobtrusive yet alluring from a kiss of the sexiest Strata, Nelson, Motueka and Centennial hops. Glimmering with high effervescence, Gold Dust is an everyday beverage of understated beauty. At the ball game, backyard barbecue, or dinner table — this is a beer for all occasions.  4pk = $16

Abel Tasman – New Zealand hopped Pilsner 

Abel Tasman National Park is located at the northern most section of the southern island of New Zealand. During a trip to NZ in 2019, we were captivated by the park’s awe-inspiring beauty. While there, we spent crucial time selecting the best hops NZ has to offer. This 100% NZ hopped pilsner is the result of that time and inspiration. Hops: Nelson, Riwaka, NZ Cascade, Motueka! 4pk = $18

Dobis – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – 100% Citra hopped 

Dobis is our 100% Citra hopped pale ale that starts with lots of Scottish Golden Promise malt to create a graham cracker base. Then Citra brings forth lots of pineapple, mandarin, citrus, and mango. We love Citra, it is super juicy and flavorful. This is the first beer in a long line of brews that we make hopped only with it. Cheers to the OG Dobis! 4pk = $18

Duality: Nelson & Strata – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale 

A series of 2-Hop pale ales exploring the sexiest hops the world has to offer. There couldn’t be a better combo to start with than New Zealand Nelson Sauvin and American Strata – possibly each hemisphere’s version of the other. Both have amazing white wine notes coupled with tropical mango and pineapple. Hints of strawberry also poke out behind the punchier fruit and marijuana-like tanginess. 4pk= $18

Wild Gooseberry Chase-  Hazy West Coast IPA

We love New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. It is by far our favorite hop. No other hop has such a wide range of aromas and flavors so it’s perfect for a single hop beer like this. We used three different lots of Nelson (different acres and blends) in this beer that we hand selected while in NZ from a singular farm to show off Nelson’s best qualities of white grape, melon and pineapple.4pk = $20

Mo’ Strata – West Coast IPA

Strata hops are showcased here alongside some good ol’ Mosaic. Strata is really cool. It’s a very weedy hop. Yes, that weed. It reeks of pineapple, lemon & Bonnaroo. We think the guava, tangerine & pine elements of the Mosaic team up perfectly to make this focussed, dank and fruity IPA. This is a West Coast IPA, so that means it’s clear, crisp & resinous. Drink up! 4pk = $20

Double Mt Nelson – 100% Nelson Hazy West Coast DIPA

Ask yourself this question: how much Nelson can I handle? If your answer is “as much as you can give me,” then you are ready to climb Double Mt. Nelson. This 100% Nelson Sauvin hopped DIPA is packed with over 7 lbs per barrel of various lots of Nelson from Freestyle Farms to create an intense spectrum of Nelson amazingness. Notes of tropical white wine, Mt. Tam chaparral brush and the Opening Night of: Ziploc- America’s Weed Bag. 4pk = $22

Baby Blammo – Coconut Stout 

Baby Blammo! is a lower abv version of our “Blammo!” imperial stout but with the same amount of coconut of that much stronger beer. Baby Blammo delivers huge flavor in a more drinkable package. Take that with a grain of salt as Baby Blammo is still nice and viscous, coconut forward and has big coffee and chocolate notes as well. 4pk = $23


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