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Dearest Party People,

Thank you for joining to celebrate what has been an incredible journey and exploration of flavorful experiences. 6 years ago we set out to bring you super dope and fresh as can be beer. Through your continued support we were able to open this second location that dishes out dank pizza and plates. We are totally overcome with gratitude as well as amazement from your dedication to Cellarmaker. We look forward to many more years of creation and celebration with you. Thank you again for a wonderful night and an amazing 6 years. We love you!

Cheers to us all!

-The Cellarmaker Crew

Join us on Wednesday, October 23rd for a special night celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Cellarmaker. As part of a week long celebration at both locations, the House of Pizza will be offering a variety of tasty food to accompany beer premiers (Bourbon Barrel Vastness of Space 2019 and Strawberry Oblivion 2019) and vintage fruited sours (final kegs) in a fun and relaxed environment. This is not a seated formal beer dinner. Mingle with friends as we transform C-Hop into a casual party palace. 

Guests will be provided with a sweet Vastness of Space glass upon entry to use throughout the night and take home following the evening’s conclusion. There will be unlimited pours (yep), original food creations from Chef Michael Malyniwsky and a damn good time will be had by all. Beer drinking attire is recommended and dancing is encouraged!

This is a 21+ Event. No exceptions.

Ticket price includes everything you need: Glassware, Dinner, Drinks, Tax & Gratuity.

Get your ticket here for session 1: Time 5pm- 7:30pm

Get your ticket here for session 2: Time 8pm-10:30pm


How long is each session? There will be 2 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours.

Is this a seated dinner? Nope, this is a casual party. Great food, great beer lineup, no transactions (open bar, open food). We will be passing around food throughout the night.

Will there be Vegetarian dishes? What if I have dietary restrictions? There will be a variety of vegetarian friendly options but not vegan. Dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated.