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Abel Tasman – New Zealand Hopped Pilsner – sold out 

Duality: Nectaron & NZ Cascade – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale – sold out 

Strata Galaxy – Hazy West Coast IPA –  sold out 

Cosmic Noon – West Coast IPA –  sold out 

Abel Tasman – New Zealand hopped Pilsner 

Abel Tasman National Park is located at the northern most section of the southern island of New Zealand. During a trip to NZ in 2019, we were captivated by the park’s awe-inspiring beauty. While there, we spent crucial time selecting the best hops NZ has to offer. This 100% NZ hopped pilsner is the result of that time and inspiration. Hops: Nelson, Riwaka, NZ Cascade, Motueka! 4pk = $18

Duality: Nectaron & NZ Cascade  – Hazy West Coast Pale Ale 

The next beer in a series of 2-Hop pale ales exploring the sexiest hops the world has to offer. Get ready to experience two unique hops coming out of New Zealand: newcomer Nectaron and Cascade (yes the same Cascade but grown in NZ). Nectaron has soft peachy notes and hints of tart blackberry and Cascade, which smells nothing like the stuff grown in the US, is loaded with bright Thai lime and electric Fruit Stripe Gum. 4pk= $18

Strata Galaxy – Hazy West Coast IPA

Two of the hardest hitting hops bring the FIRE in this incredibly fruity IPA. Strata, a limey citrus and tangy weed-like hop teams up perfectly with Galaxy, easily the most vibrant of hops, which seems soaked in pineapple/orange/guava juice. We kept this beer hazy and soft for the most juicy experience we can give you. 4pk = $20

Cosmic Noon West Coast IPA 

Our new favorite clear and crisp IPA that features a combination of hops that we find truly intriguing. Strata, Nectaron, HBC 586 and Centennial create layers of deep grapefruit, sativa and dark berry flavors supported by a bright stonefruit aroma. 4pk= $20

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