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“Chronic The Juice Hog” DDH Double IPA Cans ~ SOLD OUT 

Chronic is gone. This DDH Double IPA is brewed with Nelson, Citra, Strata, Motueka and Sabro. We made this beer in collaboration with our good friends at Other Half Brewing in New York. 

$6.00 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $22

“Abel Tasman” Pilsner  Cans ~ Sold Out

Abel cans are gone. New Zealand style Pilsner hopped with Nelson, Riwaka, Motueka, Wai-Iti and NZ Cascade, with a tank time of 6 weeks. A summer time treat.

$5 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $18

“Sabro” IPA Cans ~ Sold Out 

Sabro cans are sold out. A Hazy West Coast IPA brewed with mostly with Sabro, a new hop out of Yakima Chief. This hop smells like lime, pineapple and coconut! Super Groovy. Also hopped with a touch of Citra and El Dorado. 

$5 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $18

Limit 24 Cans

All limits subject to change 🙂

Release Date: Tuesday June 25 , 2019 at noon