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Cellarmaker Beer

Le Blond Bottles ~ Sold Out 

Sorry these bottles are sold out. We brew this Belgian-style blonde ale to satisfy our Cellarmaker wants and needs for a European hopped ale that is also light on malt like a pilsner. The restrained phenolics from the yeast add some depth without overwhelming the classic hop profile and a touch of spelt adds a subtle layer to the pilsner base. This beer is bottle conditioned but is not meant to age; that means drink it now!

Release Date: Thursday, May 10th 2018 at noon
Price: $6 ~ 375 ml (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 12

4:1 Peach & 4:1 Nectarine  Bottles ~ Sold Out

Sorry these bottles are sold out. In October of 2016 we brewed what became our first barrel-aged sour ale. Its working title was “Sour Project #1.” Incorporating some hot side lambic techniques and some techniques of our own, we brewed a beer meant to age and sour over time in a barrel. Sour Project went into used red wine barrels for 8 months. In July of 2017 we received a delivery of the freshest and no doubt the finest local peaches and nectarines from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood. 4 lbs per gallon of Ruby Grand Nectarines were added to two oak barrels and the same amount of Gold Dust and Flavorcrest peaches added to three oak barrels to ferment and mature for three months. We then racked out of barrels and bottled each fruit beer, nectarine and peach, separately.

Price: $20 ~ 500ml (tax+crv included)
Bottle Limit: 2 Peach & 2 Nectarine per person