Cellarmaker Beer

Moonage, Turok, Reeferendum ~ Sold Out

“Moonage Daydream” ~ Pale Ale Cans  ~ Sold Out

We love Australian Galaxy hops & have been really happy with their quality lately. That’s why we decided to brew our original 100% Galaxy beer, Moonage Daydream. This pale ale is super crushable with a light, crackery malt character & pungent mango and pine aromas from the hops. This one will make you freak out! Drink more pale ale!

$4.50 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $16

Limit 24 Cans

Turok: Mosaic Hunter ~ IPA ~ Sold Out 

Each year’s hop harvest is often thought of as a linear progression: present becomes the past all the while moving into the future. Unbeknownst to most of us, Turok: Mosaic Hunter, exists within a pseudo-Yakima, hop farms of the now & those that have yet to come, seeking out the best Mosaic for your IPA.

$5.00 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $18

Limit 24 Cans

“Reeferendum” ~ IPA ~ Collab with Tired Hands ~ Sold Out  

Things gotta, like, CHANGE MAN! Life all sorts of messed up right now, MAN! You know what we need? A big old, all for one, one for all, REEFERENDUM! Which just so happens to be the name of this hazy IPA collab we brewed with our strange and beautiful buds at Tired Hand Brewing Co in PA. Hopped intensely with Citra and Mosaic for 420 delegates of dank.

$5.00 per 16oz can or 4 Pack Deal $18

Limit 24 Cans

We apologize for the janky labels on Reeferendum and Turok. We had never planned on canning these as they were destined as draft only releases. We decided it is better to sell you beer with the incorrect label (but with the correct ABV — our legal obligation!) than to not sell you beer at all. This is a much needed way to generate revenue for our business. As a result we have to compromise our ideals on presentation (never quality however). We guarantee that the beer in the can is the beer we are telling you it is. We apologize ahead of time for any confusion.

All limits subject to change 🙂

Release (Shipping) Date: Tuesday March 24th