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Upcoming Releases + San Diego Event

We are gearing up to release 5 fresh batches of beers over the next 10 days.  Whenever this many beers are hitting the taps in such a brief period it’s nice to give people a heads up, so here we are.  The first 4 beers to come out are favorites of ours from the past and the final one is a brand new juicy Double IPA.  The two Pales, the IPA and Coffee and Cigarettes are Great American Beer Submission batches.  We will be brewing Permanent Daylight again to bring GABF attendees a fresher batch.  They’ll also be seeing Tim’s Brown, Coffee and Cigarettes, Original Dankster, and a new Pale Ale called “Otto’s Backpack.”  If you or friends are planning to attend GABF, tell em’ to check out the Cellarmaker booth.

Release Schedule:

Wednesday, August 20th – “Southern Dobis” Pale Ale – Originally a single keg blend during beer week of “Dobis,” our single hop Citra Pale and “Southern Passion,” our single hop IPA featuring Southern Passion hops.  We found that these hops worked really well together.  This batch sees a fair amount of Motueka in the dry hop as well to add some bright tropical notes.

Thursday, August 21st – Cask of “Cray Cray” IPA with Mosaic Hops at the tasting room.

Friday, August 22nd – “Permanent Daylight” IPA – Nelson and Citra hops come together to form flavors of juicy nectarine, citrus fruits, pineapple and fresh pine.

Tuesday, August 26th – “Tiny Dankster” Pale Ale – Nelson, Mosaic and Citra hops come together to form flavors of pineapple, peach and mango.  Packed with an IPA-worthy amount of hops but in a 5.7% beer.

Tuesday, August 26th – “Coffee and Cigarettes” Lightly Smoked Coffee Porter – This time using Blue Bottle’s “Giant Steps Blend” freshly roasted the day before going into the beer.

Friday, August 29th – “Dank Williams” Double IPA – We still aren’t sick of the dank puns.  This beer is being released simultaneously at our tasting room and at our San Diego event at Hamilton’s at 3pm.   Think Bangerang meets Danker Zone.

Friday, August 29th – Tim and Connor will be hosting a Cellarmaker event at Hamilton’s Tavern.  We are bringing all of the beers listed above along with the Marin/Cellarmaker “Honey Badger” Double IPA collab and a Firkin of “Coffee and Cigarettes” conditioned on Glazed Donuts and a keg of “Mad Nibs.”  We’ll also be celebrating our new collaboration with Monkey Paw called “Cellar Monkey.”  The collab beer is an IPA brewed with Passionfruit Puree as well as Simcoe, Galaxy, Nelson, Citra, and Amarillo hops.  Cosimo at Monkey Paw is an amazing brewer and our brew day was a blast.   Come hang with us in San Diego on 8/29!

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Growler fills will definitely be available for all hoppy beers listed above.  We may allow growler fills of Coffee and Cigarettes.  Last time we tried filling growlers of Coffee and Cigarettes the acidity of the fresh coffee caused the growlers to foam up excessively and waste about 50% of the overall volume of the growler size just to get it filled.  This is no bueno.  We’ll see how this batch fares with growler fills.

Up the pipeline: “Peach Killah” IPA with 150lbs of fresh Winters, California grown Peaches.  Dry-hopped Funky Saison called “Lost Wisdom,” a new batch of “Original Dankster” DIPA and more.

If you’ve read this far … thank you for your continued support.   You guys rule!