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BA Sour with Fruit 6.5% ABV
4 pounds per gallon of O’Henry peaches from Sunnyland Orchards were added to a mixed-culture witbier and further aged in oak for six months. These peaches were absolutely dripping with sugary-sweet juices that we knew were going to infuse the beer with tremendous amounts of flavor. Our prediction was correct — 4:1 Peach has explosive aroma that leads into bright acidity and over the top peachiness.

Syrah Shorty

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Tart Wheat with Grapes 5% ABV
After a beer sees fruit, the fruit usually still has a little love to give. The Syrah grapes in Syrah Shorty have already seen a barrel aged sour, but we steeped them again in fresh beer to extract even more of their floral and plum aroma and tannic structure. The result is a tart crushable ale with hints of strawberry, raspberry and rosé wine.

Green Park

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California Pilsner 5% ABV
Highland Park Brewery, Green Cheek Beer Co. and Cellarmaker have combined their lager knowledge to create a dry, extremely pale but distinctly Californian pilsner. Hopped with Slovakian Celeia in the kettle for a classic spicy base and then lightly dry hopped with American Sterling (an American take on Czech Saaz hops) for an aromatically fruity accent.

Abel Tasman

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NZ dry-hopped Pilsner 5.2% ABV
Abel Tasman National Park is located at the northernmost section of the southern island of New Zealand. During a not-so-long-ago trip to NZ, we were captivated by the park’s awe-inspiring beauty. While there, we spent crucial time selecting the best hops NZ has to offer. This 100% NZ hopped pilsner is the result of that time and inspiration. Crisp and clear with pleasing aromatics from Nelson, Riwaka, NZ Cascade and Motueka.


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HAZY Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
Do you love the tantalizing aroma of passion fruit & guava? Much of their aroma comes from aromatic molecules called “thiols.” Phantasm is a new product out of New Zealand that is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, a grape varietal that contains a high level of “thiol precursors.” During fermentation the expressive yeast in this brew can convert the precursors into those tropical thiols. Add an aggressive hopping from Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic Cryo = Dope!

Radio Edit

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Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
Radio Edit is a hazy West Coast pale ale. The haze comes from protein and a high rate of dry hopping that leaves the beer opaque. The West Coast part means it's aggressive with crisp hop flavor, an assertive bitterness and a lingering grassy finish. Well hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Motueka the beer has aromas and flavors of lemon and orange peel, jasmine, melon and pine.

Bines and Rinds

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IPA with Watermelon 6.5% ABV
Dank hops and watermelon - who would have guessed these two amazing items would work so well together? The sweet floral and juicy character of the watermelon softens the heady pine and ganja aspects of Simcoe and Strata hops. They move and groove in a tangy harmony that you have to taste to believe!

MO’ HBC 630

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Hazy West Coast IPA 6.8% ABV
Mosaic is teamed up with an awesome new experimental variety out of the Hop Breeding Company currently named HBC 630. We have been really digging 630 with it’s dark pine forest aroma with underlying aromas of Luden’s cherry, strawberry and orange zest. Match that with Mosaic’s tropical ganja aroma and you have a new winning combo!

Kilning Me Softly

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IPA 6.8% ABV
There are a few points in the processing of hops that their beautiful aromatics can be accidentally driven off or altered negatively. During kilning, the wet, freshly picked hops sit in a bed while hot air is pumped through them. A perfectly kilned hop will retain just the right amount of moisture as well as those juicy aromas. Contains: 2020 Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic & Strata

Triple Mt Nelson

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Triple IPA 10% ABV
Are you ready for the final frontier? An exploration into the hoppiest of the hoppy. Triple Mt. Nelson pushes you to your limits. This beer will take you on a journey through time, space and flavor. We utilized four different lots of Nelson that we personally selected in New Zealand last March. This is the consummate Nelson experience.

Best Fiends

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Strong Porter 8.2% ABV
This is a big chewy Porter that focuses on quality malts. This luscious brew has the nose and flavor intensity of an imperial stout but comes in at a reasonable ABV. Best Fiends contains no adjuncts yet is packed with aromas of freshly baked chocolate croissant, graham cracker, cigar tobacco, high percentage cacao, and malted milk ball.

Baby Blammo

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Coconut Stout 8% ABV
Baby Blammo! is a smaller version of our previously released 14.5% "Blammo!" With about 13 pounds of coconut per barrel Baby Blammo! has tons of coconut flavor that matches up to the roasted malts. Think of the beer version of a Mounds™ bar. We keep the alcohol much lower on this version so you can have a few!

Black is Beautiful

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Blended Imperial Stout 9.7% ABV
In celebration of Juneteenth we released our 2nd iteration of Black is Beautiful, the industry wide collab started by Weathered Souls Brewing of San Antonio, Texas .Once again we will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Anti Police-Terror Project. This is the blend of an original imperial stout recipe & an imperial stout that has aged in American Bourbon barrels for 2.5 years. Resulting in deep flavor, richness & liveliness from fresh stout. Enjoyed it now or cellared cold for up to 1 year.

BATCH 1000 – Single Barrel

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Barrel Aged Barleywine 13% ABV
We brewed Batch 1000 in collaboration with Gabe Fletcher of Anchorage Brewing Company, a barleywine savant of sorts. Gabe helped us hit the ground running on a style that we had never brewed before. The entirety of this batch, save one small keg, went into bourbon barrels. This version was singularly aged in an Eagle Rare barrel for one year.