Cellarmaker Brewing Company is happy to fill the following clean vessels:

  • During the Pandemic we will not be refilling used growlers to comply with state guideline 🙁 Once it is safe, we will do it 🙂
  • Cellarmaker Brewing Company branded 2L, 64oz or 1L growlers
  • Non-Cellarmaker growlers in the following sizes: 750ml, 32oz, 1L, 64oz, 2L
    • We have ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) approval to fill non-Cellarmaker growlers with Cellarmaker beer provided that all other names, logos, and/or addresses of another brewery are covered. We recommend covering the logos with blue painters tape, as this will not damage the other brewery’s logo. Please do not cover it with paper – that just gets wet and doesn’t work. We will put our own little tag on it stating size & beer type as well as the required government warnings.
    • Non-Cellarmaker Growlers must be designed to hold pressurized beer and must be amber colored glass or stainless steel in order to protect the beer. If it’s not meant to be a growler, it’s not a growler.

Any growlers that do not comply with the specifications above will simply not be filled. This is a more liberal growler policy than most breweries. We believe in liberating the lonely empty growlers in your closet but not at the detriment of our alcohol license or at the detriment of the quality of our beer.

Please note that we will only provide caps for 64oz Screw Top Growlers.

Cellarmaker Brewing Company cannot fill the following vessels:

  • ceramic, plastic, clear or green glass growlers
  • growlerwerks ukeg ~ too many issues with leakage & oxidation
  • dirty growlers
  • growlers that do not have their size clearly and officially stated on the vessel

Growler Policies

Growlers must be CLEAN. We cannot emphasize this enough. Our job is to fill your growler – not clean out your growlers of homebrew yeast starter, 4oz of leftover IPA from 3 months ago that’s been rolling around in the trunk of your car or your homemade barbecue sauce. These are all true examples of growlers that have been brought in. THANK YOU in advance for cleaning your growler.

We may cut or limit growler fills at any time. We reserve the right to NOT fill your growler for any reason.

Our growler policy is subject to change at our own discretion. We are trying to be reasonable here and embrace growler culture. Embrace it with us!!!

Suggested Growler Maintenance

Drink beer fresh. Don’t sit on a growler in your fridge for too long. Respect.

  • Upon buying a freshly filled growler: Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep cold. Open within less than 5 days of fill-date. Enjoy during the same day you open it for carbonation’s sake. If it gets warm, beer could re-ferment = exploded growler.
  • Upon finishing a growler: Rinse 1-2x with water. No soap. Shake the water around inside the growler a bit. Make sure there is no foamy water coming out (that’s still the beer). Leave the screw top or swing top off of the top of the growler and let the growler dry out with some airflow.

Sample Growler Prices

Growler sample