Spritzy: Sauv Blanc Hard Seltzer 4pk


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WHERE THE SELTZER FANS AT? Introducing to y’all the first in a line of hard seltzers we are calling Spritzy. Spritzy isn’t meant to be complicated, but it does politely separate itself from the unremarkable and insipid flavor of mass marketed seltzer. We love the immense drinkability of these light beverages so we decided to put the Cellarmaker spin on seltzers as we infuse them with authentic and inspired flavors. Our focus is to create refreshing profiles that use ZERO extracts and “natural” flavorings, instead incorporating 100% real fruit and spices from California and beyond. Spritzy: Sauvignon Blanc is our hard seltzer base conditioned on sauvignon blanc grapes from Sonoma’s Rochioli Vineyards. Elegant aromas of melon, tropical white wine, and floral honey are followed by a light sweetness that transitions quickly into juicy undertones of peach and plum, all balanced by a depth of tannins. This isn’t a smoothie or a can of fruit purée. Quite the contrary – it is an unassuming refreshment for discerning epicures.