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Fruit Basket ~ 6 Bottles


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1 Strawberry Oblivion ~ 750 ml

For what felt like forever, we hand chopped and puréed 800 lbs of organic Albion strawberries from Rodriguez Brothers Ranch and then added them to a blend of 3 different oak-aged beers of varying levels of acidity and funkiness. No need to search for the strawberry in this as an incredibly juicy aroma fills the air immediately from your glass

1 Strawberry Shorty 750 ml Bottle

Strawberry Shorty is a tart wheat ale (aka session sour) utilizing certified organic strawberries grown by Rodriguez Brothers Ranch in Watsonville. This is second use fruit, meaning we initially aged Strawberry Oblivion, our barrel aged strawberry sour, on the fruit to extract most of the flavor. Immediately after removing the beer from the fruit we brewed a simple Belgian wheat beer on top of the strawberries, yeast and bacteria. After a long fermentation of about 12 weeks we packaged Strawberry Shorty into bottles and conditioned them for 3 months resulting in a smooth and tart, light strawberry beer.

1 Farmer Direct: Blenheim Apricot ~ 500 ml

Attention apricot fans, our newest barrel cellar offering Farmer Direct: Blenheim Apricot is screaming with ripe and sticky apricot character. We used massive amounts of blenheim apricots from B&R Farms down in Hollister, California to infuse this barrel aged mixed culture ale with stone fruit flavor so rich and real you can almost taste the fuzzy skin. A light minerality along with oak tannin induces increased saliva production; meanwhile spicy funk from our house culture seduces your appetite while a light acidity continually refreshes the palate.

1 Tropical Impression ~ 500 ml

Like the fruit stands of Hawaii, Tropical Impression is loaded with guava and passionfruit. The beer makers of Cellarmaker judiciously selected three oak barrels of brightly aromatic mixed-culture saison that would well accompany the fruit we were to use. As crushable as they come!

1 4:1 Peach ~ 500ml

The next addition to our barrel-aged sour 4:1 series was fermented for the first time on two California grown peach varieties. We brought in amazingly juicy and aromatic Cal Red and O’Henry peaches from Sunnyland Orchards and Frog Hollow Farm respectively. Bright stonefruit aromas lead down a tantalizing path to an upfront acidity followed by peach skin like tannins and a ripe nectarine like sweetness. Like biting into a perfectly ripe peach, acidity and sweetness refresh the senses leading to summertime bliss.

1 Spectral Delineation ~ 375 ml

You often hear, the sum is greater than its parts. This is the view of the artist, organizing elements into the grander scale of being. Science, aligns itself with the nano, detailing how each diminutive but measurable influence affects the whole. This speaks to both worlds. In the macro sense, complementary elements of stone fruit, spice, wood & acidity make for a balanced & enjoyable beer. Figurative evisceration reveals a single oak barrel that was once filled with wild plums & saison which, after being partially emptied leaving some fruit & lees, was refilled with American pale ale wort singularly hopped with Australian Enigma hops. After time, the mixed bacteria & wild yeasts added their own evolutionary imprint as the beer slowly extracted the tannins & oak. Refermentation in the bottle infused piquant carbonation that will continuously compel the pillowy head.

1 Vermentino ~ 375 ml

A single oak barrel was packed with 2019 harvest whole cluster Vermentino grapes from Ryme Cellars in Sonoma and then filled with mixed-culture saison. We left this barrel for 10 months to condition, age and extract the delicate flavors of this Italian grape. Apricot, white pepper, plum, cardamom and pear aromas and flavors mingle with a restrained, dried lemon peel acidity. A medium body is enlivened with tannins and silky oak continuing on to a finish of chamomile and gin-like botanicals.

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