New Beers On The Horizon and Growler Policy

Hey All!

Quick status update: Thanks for the great response to our beers thus far. We have enjoyed serving all of you and look forward to return visits as well as new visitors. We are very happy to bring lots of light and life to a stretch of Howard Street that has previously been under-frequented up until now. We love this neighborhood.

We’ve got some really exciting beers on the way. Our first belgian beer – a Grisette (low-alcohol wheat heavy Saison) called “Coquette” will be available starting Friday afternoon around 5pm. A new batch of Hop Slangin’ IPA will go on as well.

Yesterday we brewed a monster Saison that should end up in the high 7% range. We are fermenting it with the Dupont Saison Yeast as well as Brettanomyces Drei. Some will be wine-barrel aged, some will be stainless steel finished and some may see some fruit…! This should be our first beer to go into bottles sometime in about 5-8 months. You never know on the finishing time with Brett beers, the beer tells us when it’s done…not the other way around. This will be the first beer in our “Funk Art” Series. We are super excited about it.

Tomorrow we’ll be brewing a dry-hopped Blonde Ale with Motueka and Amarillo hops; this will be highly aromatic, fruity (from the hops – no fruit added) and extremely drinkable (read: crushable). Also we will brew our first Double IPA: “Are You Afraid of the Dank.” A style we all know and love… It will be hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, Centennial and a touch of Amarillo. I’m starting to get thirsty.

Update on our Growler Policy: Yes, we are willing to fill any amber colored growler in 750ml, 1L, 64oz and 2L formats. For legality’s sake, we do need to obscure all labeling of any other brewery on the growlers you may bring in. This is not meant as disrespect towards any other brewery, we respect all other breweries. We are merely trying to be as forward as possible with this policy, plus the whole point of growlers is for them to be reusable, not to buy and own 10+ growlers (rent in SF is expensive!). Please respect our wishes to not fill clear growlers, ball jars, 3L growlers or anything else like that. The choice for amber glass is the simple fact that beer gets skunked very very fast in clear glass. We don’t want any of you drinking skunked beer. That’s just not fun.

Lastly: We will do our best to update the “Where to Drink” Section – our first accounts have just been posted there. Note that these are bars and restaurants that have kegs of our beers – Not sure if they have the keg currently on, have killed the keg, or have it on deck. Will do our best with this info.


Connor + The Cellarmaker Team