Progress and Upcoming Hill Farmstead Trip (May)

Construction is well under way at Cellarmaker. I’ve been working with Connor mostly via phone because I am still working at Marin Brewing Co. My time has been spent dialing in elements of the brewery design and layout as well as helping Connor procure the hops we will need to come out right away with some killer IPA.

I am looking forward to our trip to Vermont in a few days to visit Hill Farmstead. Connor and I both agree that Shaun is one of the premiere brewers in the US, if not the world. His beers are extremely well produced and cutting edge. I hope to get some major inspiration from what he and the other leading New England brewers are making.

After that, I have to step up my homebrewing to test batch some yeasts and recipes. I think you guys are going to be super into what we have in store for you.