Dear Fellow Beer Fanatics

This is my blog, my journal, my… DIARY? I want it to first and foremost bridge the gap between brewer and consumer. As I retell the experiences and growing pains of Cellarmaker Brewing Co., I hope that you as readers will ask questions, comment and criticize and further your Cellarmaker experience as well as mine (Email: [email protected]). This is a blog without pretension and without self-righteousness. I intend to keep it honest and factual to the best of my ability. Please feel free to pick my brain at anytime, but please remember I am no expert, no Brewmaster; I reserve that title for those veterans of the industry, my teachers, who have helped write the history of the craft beer movement. My answers are in no way brewing gospel.

Let me say this no matter how cliché it is: I want to brew the beer that we, you and me, want to drink. This is not a limiting provision, I only mean we demand beer with value – beer that has our best tastes in mind. Sometimes subtlety is key in beer; on the other hand, occasions arise where the harder the smack to your mouth the better. Complexity defines some beers where transparency and simplicity is the construct of others.

So, you want hops? You’ve got ‘em…Nelson and Citra and Simcoe are personal favorites. Sour chardonnay barrel aged saison with blueberries and kumquats; give me a year, but, yeah, I. AM. DOWN. How about we drink a few low alcohol porters with a simple but sublime nutty chocolate and biscuit flavor? Bourbon barrel fermented Belgian Golden Strong finished in a Pinot Noir Barrel… ah, put it in the pizza!

More to come!

Much Love,