Growlers, New Beers, and Beer Week

Hey Everyone!

We are out of 64oz growlers for a little bit here. Seems as though the weather in the East Coast/Midwest is holding up our growler supplier for a few weeks longer than expected. Reminder on our growler policy – You can bring in any non-clear glass growler (stainless steel and ceramic are cool too) that is 750ml, 1L, 64oz or 2L in size- make sure they’re clean and preferably don’t have another breweries logo showing (if you really need us to, we will cover it with painter’s tape). Cellarmaker 1L growlers are still in stock for those who don’t already have a growler.

We have some awesome new beers coming out within the next week…

Friday 1/10 – “Simcoe Galaxy IPA” – Big ol’ IPA. 7.2% abv. Big aromas of passionfruit and fresh cut pine. Boatloads of Simcoe + Galaxy hops. Highly aromatic. Highly recommended. If you liked our “Moonage Daydream” Pale Ale then this beer is for you.

Tuesday 1/14 – “J17 Pale Ale” – Single Hop Pale Ale. 5.5% abv. This beer is pretty special as it uses a super rare South African hop varietal that is very rarely available. To our knowledge only one other brewery in the States has their hands on it. Aromas and flavors of melon, gooseberries, subtle pine, spices and stonefruit.

Sometime next week we’ll also be tapping:

  • Saison Francisco (Brett Saison) – 6.5%ish session saison that was fermented with a very tropical 2nd generation Brettanomyces Drei. We are aging about half the batch in 3 barrels that previously held Sauvignon Blanc. This portion will age for months to come. This stainless steel version is a lightly funky Saison with subtle notes of pineapple and juicy tropical fruits.
  • Triple Berry Berliner – This beer’s color is literally neon purple and it has a light tartness to it. The beer’s wort fermented alongside Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries that were added during primary fermentation. 1/3 of the batch is actively fermenting in french oak barrels without the fruit, and with brettanomyces drei yeast added for complexity. This portion of the batch will age for months to come.

Info on the South African J17/63 hops. We will have a single hop IPA featuring the South African “Southern Passion” hops during SF Beer Week.

Speaking of SF Beer Week! We have some awesome events lined up. 4 hoppy beers will all premier within the first 3 days of beer week. We wanted them to be extremely fresh so that San Francisco could try them at their best during the week dedicated to the beverage our entire business is focused on…Beer! You just might see us at Opening Gala, Bistro Double IPA Fest, Sour Sunday, Ale Arsenal, Hog’s Apothecary, Monk’s Kettle, and St. Vincent. These are all venues who have supported us since the beginning and we couldn’t be happier to showcase at them.

We also brewed a collaboration beer with Berryessa Brewing, a brewery we look up to as one of the best out there. Chris Miller and crew brewed an IPA with us that has no hops in the boil but plenty of ICUs (International Citrus Units anybody?).

Chris And Tim

Good stuff, see ya’ll out there!